The Frontier Conference is the governing body for athletics for many of the NAIA colleges in our area.  The schools that belong to the Conference are:

  • Carroll College
  • College of Idaho
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Montana State University-Northern
  • Montana Tech
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Southern Oregon University
  • University of Montana Western
  • University of Providence

The Conference sends out weekly messages updating the schools on various topics.  One recent topic that caught my attention was the use of the descriptive term “Lady”.  Here is how the conference phrased their message:

  • “All Frontier Conference schools prefer that official mascot names be used for both genders. The term ‘Lady’ preceding any mascot name is unacceptable.”

Okay, I can make that work, but I have several questions.  What is offensive about the descriptive term “Lady?”  Can we still use the descriptive term “Women or Women’s” team to set apart from the Men or Men’s team? The Frontier Conference did not specify anything about that.

The example given for future terminology for Men the Carroll College Saints Soccer Team should be called just that, but for the Women’s team should be called the Carroll College Saints Women’s Soccer Team.

In Webster’s dictionary the descriptive term Lady is defined as; “WOMAN, FEMALE —often used in a courteous reference,” which in my understanding means the words are synonymous and are a term of courteous feeling. My mom always told me to treat a female like a Lady, which is what I have tried to teach my son.

Please help me understand how this word is now offensive.  I am not being flippant or trying to funny or trying embarrass anyone, just trying to understand.

You can email me directly at or you can leave a message on our KMON Facebook page.  Thank you for helping me understand!

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