High school football and volleyball playoffs have started.  This means family friends and entire communities will gather in various locations around the state to celebrate their schools’ student athletes and cheer them on to victory.  Anytime you have fans gather, food will be introduced into the conversation and that is a topic of conversation I will have with anyone. What is your favorite tailgate food or where is the best concessions in Montana to fill the void in your belly? I will give you some of my thoughts on that.

My favorite tailgate food is:

  • The obvious ones:
    • Cheeseburgers, Hot Dog or Polish Sausage, Nachos and the Big Pretzels.
  • The harder to work with options:
    • Ribs, Chicken Wings, BBQ sandwiches, Fried Chicken
  • The fun/ messy ones:
    • Buttered Corn on the Cob, BBQ Chicken Skewers

You are correct if you are saying that is almost everything at every tailgate party.  Yes- I like almost everything!  One trick I use (like many others) is I pre-cook most of the food ahead of time and finish it at the venue with the sauce or added seasoning. Not really a big tip, but I have seen some folks start from scratch to provide their group the needed nutrients to properly cheer on their team.

My favorite Concession food is:

  • Cheeseburgers, Hot Dog or Polish Sausage, Nachos and the Big Pretzels.

There are many concessions stand that do a really good job around the state and I can personally qualify several in and around North Central Montana.

One area I didn’t touch on is that need to hydrate.  High School events typically don’t involve adult beverages, so just about any soft drink or hot beverage is good for me.  I do drink a lot of water while broadcasting, so that is probably my #1 beverage.

Please let me know what your favorite food is or the best places to get it.  Also- good luck to all of your teams and safe travels as you enjoy the completion of the fall sports season.  You can email me at randall.bogden@townsquaremedia.com or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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