Great Falls Bison under the direction of first year head coach Coda Tchida welcome the Butte Bulldogs into Memorial Stadium for round one of the class AA football playoffs.  Broadcaster Baker Bob McNamee visited with coach Tchida about the game. The  audio version of the interview can be heard at the bottom of this article:

Baker Bob: Every coach at every level set goals for his team. And while you've been successful and able to check off yes, on some very important accomplishments, the Bison were successful in their Crosstown contest, and now are hosting a playoff game

GFH Coach Tchida: Yeah, you know, that was one of our goals going into the season, was to host a home playoff game. I think that's very big for a program, especially me being in my first year as a head coach. So that was one of our goals that we set as a team and as a coaching staff at the beginning of the year. And our kids have done a great job in preparation for all the games in the regular season, including crosstown. I thought we got a big win there, being 24-10, but just like I told the kids, we enjoyed it Saturday. And yesterday being Sunday, we went in, and we're starting to work on Butte because they're a tough team and they'll be very well coached so, we got to kind of prep for them now.

Baker Bob: Now, I'm sure the coach and coaching staff at Butte High and the Bulldogs are anxious to settle the score with this rematch.

GFH Coach Tchida: Yeah, again, they're well coached. Coach Arie Grey does a great job with his team. He always does so they'll be prepared for us, and they will be probably anxious for the rematch. But again, like I told our kids, hey, we got to step up. It's playoff time and send our preparation and our practices to another level, and I expect we will, and I expect us to be successful on Friday night.

Baker Bob: Now, your Bison athletes seem to be healthy and ready on the offensive side, but your defense has had a great time, and they've created some headlines for your fans.

GFH Coach Tchida: Yeah, our defense is outstanding. I said that from the first day I got the job. Our goal was to be outstanding on defense and offensively. We put together some great drives in the game, and I thought we made some adjustments at halftime this past week against CMR. But we're just going to get better and better as we go, and healthier. And healthier. So, I mean, the sky is the limit for offense and defensively. We're going to continue to do what we do, and we're just going to pressure quarterbacks. We're going to pressure their run game. We're going to try to put them in position where that they're down by a lot of points, and we can just kind of have our athletes get after them, and that's where we're best. When we're up and the other team has to pass, I think that puts us in a great situation moving forward to win games.

Baker Bob: Thanks, Coach

Here is the audio version:

The game can be heard on 999 Big Sky Sports with pre-game starting at 6:50 PM

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