A Great Falls man has been arrested and charged with a host of felonies involving a 14-year-old girl.  Wiley Jefferson, 44, was arrested over the weekend and charged with sexual assault,  sexual abuse and sex without consent.  Great Falls police allege Jefferson had been abusing the girl for over a year.

According to public documents,  the two met through a friend and began talking on snapchat where the girl would often ask for jefferson to bring her food and drinks. That's when Jefferson started to ask for hugs and kisses in return and that he began to call her babe and honey and later he asked her to call him sugar daddy.

In public documents,  the girl admitted to police of sending suggestive photos on snapchat which Jefferson then saved.  it was earlier this month that the girls mother discovered the relationship and called police.  it was determined later that the alleged relationship had been going on for about two-years.

GFPD says during interviews they were able to determine that Jefferson allegedly raped the girl on multiple occasions.

Jefferson is sitting in the Cascade County Jail on a $200,000 bond. He also has past convictions out of Jefferson County, Montana. He was sentenced in 2021 on charges of DUI and criminal endangerment and was out on probation when arrested here in Great Falls.  There are also reports that Jefferson was found  guilty of domestic battery and possession of a firearm out of Illinois.  In 2016, he was sentenced to three-years in prison on another criminal endangerment charge out of Big Horn County.

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