Montana has some of the best small town bars in America. Our rural bar/restaurants make national 'best of' lists all the time. Montana locals have their own favorites and one is particular is about as authentic as you can get, but has great menu items at very decent prices.

For a small town bar to get 4.6 stars out of 5 and have nearly 200 online reviews, you know it must be a worthy place. Of course locals already know that their corner bar is awesome, but when visitors take the time to write positive words? Bonus points.

When the funky, old-school bar in a tiny town has awesome food - it's crucial to spread the word, IMO. All this 'best kept secret' stuff is hogwash. If a great bar that makes an effort to serve great food, they'll need visitors in addition to locals chowing down to make it worth their while.

Here's a sampling of menu items and customer comments about the small town Montana bar in question. (Quotes are from online reviews.) Menu item details and prices came directly from the bar's website. To give you a hint, the restaurant part of this bar is called 'The Vault'.

"The Boss BLT" (or Bob's BLT): $11 "My husband said it was the best BLT ever. Staff is super nice. We'll be back again and again."


Chicken Fried Steak: "Unique Montana small town local joint. Very fun! chicken fried steak is a must. Authentic décor."

"My salad had home-made fried onions & jalapenos, my friend proclaimed her burger surprisingly good. Can't speak for you gents, but ladies, be sure to check out the amazing mirror in the restroom..."


Roast Beef Sandwich: "Excellent meal and beautiful rustic ambiance. I am not a red meat eater, but knowing all the beef is local and grass fed, I had a go of ordering the roast beef sandwich. It was out of this world."

The Classic Cheeseburger: $10.75 "We had hamburger and the smoked roast beef melt dip - which was one of the best sandwiches we've ever tasted. House cut fries were way above average."

Bank Bar cheeseburger - Facebook
Bank Bar cheeseburger - Facebook

Ribeye Steak: "Best Steak in Montana. The "vault" is the restaurant in the back of the bar and they serve exclusively Muddy Creek Ranch Beef. The cow is raised less than 2 miles from your plate! Very reasonably priced and I routinely drive 30-45 minutes to eat there."

We're talking about The Bank Bar & Vault Restaurant in Wilsall, Montana. It is well loved by those who already live close by or make the trek often from the area. It's a funky joint with all the Montana vibes - but ALSO has fantastic food!

With such a huge, beautiful state like Montana, it's nice to know we still have plenty of vibrant, rural bars and restaurants. These small town joints often prepare some of the best home cooked meals with the best locally sourced beef.

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