As If we do have enough to worry about in this day and age with wars and disease, it's been reported that there is some sort of deadly mushroom making it's way around our country.

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In a recent article from National Geographic, the worlds most deadly mushroom is seated itself on the west coast in California amongst other places.


The Death cap or scientifically known as Amanita phalloides.

According to National geographic, the mushroom originates in the United Kingdom and parts of Ireland. It caught a ride around the world and ended up in California and spreading as far as British Colombia. It's also made it's way to Michigan, which is random.

Nat Geo describes what the dangerous mushroom looks like:

The unassuming mushroom can grow up to six inches tall with a similarly sized domed cap, sometimes tinged yellow or green. Under its cap are white gills and an off-white stem—characteristics that make it difficult to distinguish from an edible mushroom.

According to National Geographic, this mushroom affecting the liver and kidneys is responsible for 90 percent of fungus-related deaths, the latest being reported with three deaths in Australia.

Is this a type of mushroom to rear it's ugly cap in our neck of the woods? Could it end up growing in Montana?

I wasn't sure. However, I did look around to see if it could be a imminent threat to Montana. has some insight on mushrooms in Montana. The chance of it spreading is very thin and most likely in urban areas spreading from planting trees from tree farms. This foreign spore seats itself in the roots of trees. Once they have inoculated themselves into the ground, it could take decades for it to show up and cause any harm.

If it indeed shows up in Montana, I'm sure it will be dealt with.

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