Targets In Montana and America Are Making A Big Change

When I go to any store with a self-checkout, I'm using it.  I don't generally do it for a giant cart full of items, but I have been known to use self-checkout for 20 items or so.  I love them.

You can scream (like on South Park) "They took err jebbbbssss", you can argue that money should exchange hands for "working in the store", you can even tell me that I'm missing out on the whole "person-to-person experience".

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No matter what your argument is, I will stand firm and say, "I don't like small talk."  "I don't like other people bagging my stuff" "I Don't Like Other People Seeing What I'm Buying." I could come up with a dozen or so more PRO self-checkout things, but it doesn't matter. I have long left the days where I would argue how I live my life with anyone.  It's none of your business, just as how you live your life is none of mine.

Targets All Across The United States Are Going To a Ten Item Or Less Self-Checkout

Honestly, fair enough.  I'd rather see that then see them disappear completely. What do you think? Email me here

Not Here, Necessarily

I called our Target and asked them when they'd be implementing the company-wide policy.

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I was told that it's not that big of a deal in towns the size of ours because they don't have as many people in the store at one time, thus THE RISK OF SHOPLIFTING isn't as high, so they're not as worried about it here.

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Shoplifting, The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things

Leave it to a scammer and thief to ruin one of my favorite modern options. If there's a way to lie, cheat, or steal instead of work, they're all in.

It's being researched, and it's the upper generations, The Baby Boomers and Greatest Generation, that like conversing with the check-out person.  They're the ones yelling "jobs" the loudest, (though not the ONLY generation to scream "jobs" when they'd never be a check-out person.  I'm looking at you Gen X.)

The Moral Of This Target Self-Checkout Story?

Thank goodness we live somewhere that has few enough people that these new rules don't always apply to us. And thank you, home town Target for not harshing my shopping deal by making me go back to the 20Teens.

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