Last year, Netflix announced that they were going to start cracking down on password sharing.  Now, Netflix has released some details about how it's going to work in a new entry on Netflix's FAQ page.

Here's how Netflix plans to proceed at the moment.  Once Netflix starts enforcing this, when they detect possible password sharing (a device frequently accessing your account from somewhere that isn't the address associated with the account), they will send a link to the email address and/or phone number listed for the account holder.

The link will lead to a verification code that needs to be entered on the device in question within 15 minutes.  Once entered, the device can then use Netflix like normal.  Any such device would then be periodically reverified.

Netflix also tested out the idea of "sub accounts" in three countries, where users could pay an extra fee to allow users outside of the primary address.  That appears to have been successful, and the feature is expected to be rolled out worldwide, but no word on when or how much the fee would be.

The account sharing crackdown is expected to start before the end of March.  Of course, rather than go through all this, Netflix is obviously hoping people will stop using someone else's account entirely and sign up for an account of their own.