There Are Two Dollar Tree Stores In Great Falls, Montana

I'm a snack grandma.  I load my 5 in town grandkids up with some kind of snack for nearly every holiday throughout the year.  My Christmas snack bags are legendary.  There are a couple of places I go for great snacks on a budget.  One is Big Lots and the other  is the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Montana
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I like snack shopping Dollar Tree last on a snack run so that I can get the right bag for all the goodies.  I learned the hard way NOT to buy the bags first.  Bags after treats are decided. With 5 grandkids in the same house, each bag must be clearly labeled for each child. You wouldn't BELIEVE the drama that can erupt around a snack filled bag.

The Dollar Tree On 10th Is Freakishly Empty

I'm in the dollar store on 10th getting Easter bags shored up, and I have to tell you, there was hardly a bag in the store.  Plus, lots of isles are pretty empty.  It got me wondering, are they letting the store sell out because it's closing?

I thought about it for a couple of days, and finally just called one of the stores.

I Spoke With A Manager and An Employee At A Great Falls Dollar Tree Store

Dollar Tree Montana
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They both said that Dollar Tree stores in Great Falls and Montana are safe.  I was told the closures will affect larger more metropolitan areas.

When I asked why the shelves were so bare, she said that the Dollar Tree is still recovering from supply chain issues, and they've been insanely busy so things don't last on the shelves as long.

Whew!  That's good news for snack bags in my family.  It's also nice to have a Dollar Tree or two in town.  It's nice to shop there and they employee quite a few people, so I'm glad to hear ours will be around for awhile.

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