What's the best carb load in the morning?


My best guess are donuts. Besides, can you dip a Mcmuffin in your coffee and still have a good time eating it?

It seems like the most important breakfast debate on the planet.

As for places in Great Falls to grab a donut, at first I thought it was a very narrow margin of places one could go for the tasty treat. I am aware that almost any coffee place has them, but how many are flown in rather than made right here in town?

I have never seen or smelled an oven in a Starbucks, but I could be wrong.

There are places in town where one can find an oven-fresh donut. Most places you may have to crawl out of bed early to get them, because shops close when sold out. There are a few places like supermarkets that cook until the afternoon to ensure inventory, but you might want to get in sooner or later if freshness is you friend.

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The donut war in Great Falls is more friendly than that of the big city; however, people still debate on their favorites. Many in town will say Hempls or nothing. I'm a fan of their old-fashioned. I haven't had the pleasure of having Best Donuts on c]Central Avenue yet, but I hear they are amazing. The store for the late night cravings the delicious pastry usually is Albertsons or Smiths.

My wife swears by the donuts made at the IGA on 25th street and suggests that one should get there before 11am to secure a maple bar if that's what you crave.

Whatever delicious donut shape you like, we have a grip of places you can go to in the Electric City to grab a treat or some breakfast.


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