People come from all around the country to vacation and live in Montana. Questions come to Montanans about cars, internet, horses, and even paved streets. With a population density around seven per square mile people can visit some the smallest places in our state without even knowing it. Some places are sometimes kept so secret that they still subscribe to satellite internet and only the toughest and most compact plows can clear a way for you to visit them.  

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People often regard most of the towns in Montana to be small. They are compared to metropolitan areas like Chicago, New York and Austin, but around here it can get quite small. There’s Hamilton, Circle, Choteau, and one of Montana’s oldest towns, Fort Benton. As much as people think Fort Benton is small, they roughly have fourteen hundred people packed into one small town.  

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What about the EVEN smaller towns? I’m talking small. Less than 100, less than 20 people. They exist in Montana. I was looking up settlement hierarchies on google and Wikipedia, I’m laughing at the fact that a lot of fairly populated places here aren’t considered cities or towns, not even settlements.  I’m sure every state has these, but our lovely state is vast, smaller than only four states. I’ve compiled a list of ten spots in Montana that have very low population numbers of 100 and below. Ten places you can visit, look around and see interesting history. Are you from one of these little towns? Have you been there? Let us know in comments.   

Montana's smallest places

Can you call them town? From high to low, least populated MT towns.