Temperatures In Central Montana Skyrocket This Weekend

Now that it is officially summer, the temperatures are finally starting to reflect the season more closely.

Much like last year, this spring has remained cool and rainy for a good chunk of the state.

Despite all the rain, portions of western Montana and even central Montana are still slightly dry.

The only area of Montana not considered to be under drought conditions is south central Montana around Billings.

Montana drought index June 20, 2024

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High pressure will be the big talking point this weekend throughout Montana.

As strong high-pressure rebuilds across the area, clear skies will persist, and temperatures will continue to climb.

Many areas are expected to hit the low 90s for the first time this year.

Weekend Temperatures In Montana
Great Falls National Weather Service

Despite the recent rain, the hot and dry conditions will quickly dry out vegetation throughout Montana.

Weather Forecast Next Week

High pressure is expected to continue dominating through the middle of next week.

However, forecast models diverge a bit toward the middle of the week and are having trouble anticipating a potential weather system.

If this system does move in another round of showers, thunderstorms are likely.

Given the increase in temperatures and ample soil and moisture, stronger storms are not out of the question if this next weather system moves in.

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