Six years ago, three local breweries and the Downtown Great Falls Association put their heads together to create an event to showcase the community and enjoy some great craft beer.

Since then, the Brewfest has grown to be one of the largest in the entire state of Montana and has become an entire week of events!

Let me tell you, if you've never made it into downtown Great Falls for craft beer week, make it a point to do so because you'll be missing out!

Craft Beer Week will run from June 17 to June 22 in downtown Great Falls this year.

Craft Beer Week Events

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Grab a teammate and get ready to showcase your craft beer skills!

Numerous events fall into this category, from who can hold the beer the longest to how agile you are while running with a beer.


Breweries from across Montana will be taking over your local watering holes.

That's right, they will come in and showcase their beers.


Often referred to as the most fun round of golf in the area, the craft beer scramble truly is for everyone.

Don't worry—even if your golf game isn't stellar, there are plenty of course games on various holes to win extra prizes.


The crown jewel of craft beer week is the Montana Brewfest, which will take place in downtown Great Falls.

At this event, you can sample numerous ciders and beers from all across the state.

You'll also enjoy live music and food.

Plus, the award will be handed out to the People's Choice.

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