16 Montana Kids Have Suddenly Gone Missing So Far In May

It shouldn't take becoming a parent to understand the pain that comes from having a child go missing.

Yet it seems you can't really understand the anguish that a parent of a missing child experiences until you are a parent yourself.

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Even Just One Missing Child Is One Too Many

All of the children you will see in the gallery below have gone missing in just the past month.

Sadly, there are even more children that have been missing in Montana for an even longer time.

While we don't know all the circumstances that led to these kids disappearance, we can only imagine the anxiety and hurt that their families are feeling for their missing loved ones.

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How You Can Help Find These Missing Montana Kids

While these kids have gone missing from all over the state and have different police departments looking for them, you can help no matter where you live in Montana.

If you think you see any of the kids in the gallery below, do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.

As we mentioned, there are more kids missing in Montana than the ones who went missing in May, and if you'd like to see the full list of missing kids, make sure to check out the Montana Missing Persons Database for more information.

Have You Seen These Montana Kids Who Simply Vanished In May?

These 16 kids have all gone missing during the month of May, any and all information you may have is welcomed by calling 911.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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