Safely Learn If Dangerous People Are Near You In Great Falls

Great Falls is a wonderful town, and I could not be more proud to call it my home.

That said, we all know that bad people are lurking everywhere, and thankfully, the state of Montana has made it easy to locate them.

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A woman on the phone is being stalked by a man

This Tool Makes It Easy To Know If Your Neighbor Is A Risk

While I think Great Falls is a very safe community, I'd be a fool to think there isn't potential for danger.

The Montana Department of Justice feels the same way, and that is why they have created the sexual or violent offender registry.

I'll be honest, the image I'm about to show you might change your mind about how safe Great Falls is.

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A map of all the violent and sexual offenders near Gibson Park in Great Falls Montana

Check To See How Safe Your Neighborhood Is In Great Falls

That image up above is a 1-mile radius around Gibson Park.

I cropped off the section that showed the number of offenders, but here are the totals.

  • 3 Sexual/Violent Offenders -Red
  • 63 Sexual Offenders - Orange
  • 153 Violent Offenders - Yellow

If you'd like to check your own neighborhood, you can do so by entering your street address and the radius you'd like to see on the DOJ's website.

Just remember, these people on the list may never commit another crime, and this tool is not to be used to harass or intimidate your neighbors.

It is purely for you to educate yourself while keeping you and your family safe in Great Falls.

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