Most people think of mountains when talking about Montana. There are plenty of lakes under the Big Sky as well though. We're even home to the largest natural lake by surface area west of the Mississippi River.

But this isn't about the biggest or the most popular lake in Montana, it's about the clearest lake. Explorers Away put out a list of the top 21 clearest and need to see to believe lakes in America and Montana has one in the top 10.


Coming in at #7 on their list was Lake McDonald. Here is what Explorers Away had to say about Lake McDonald,

Lake McDonald is located in Glacier National Park, Montana. Not only is it one of the most impressive clear lakes in the US, but it’s also one of the most beautiful.

Lake McDonald sits below towering glacier-topped mountains and is lined with rocks that are colored red, green, and purple. In the mornings when the wind is calm, you can see the reflection of the mountains in the lake creating a perfect mirror effect. Combine that with the colorful lake bottom and the site is absolutely breathtaking.

I think it's a crime that they say that not only it one the most impressive clear lakes, but also the most beautiful, and then don't rank it #1 on their list. That might just be the Montanan in me being a bit too proud of our state.

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The Top 10 Best Lakes In Montana

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