Five Tips On How To Avoid A Rattlesnake Encounter In Montana

One of the most common fears that people suffer from is the fear of snakes.

I am one of those people; thankfully, I've never had an encounter with a rattler, and hopefully, with these 5 tips, you won't either.

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a coiled up prairie rattlesnake

A Big Common Myth About Rattlesnakes

Montana only has one venomous snake (side note: snakes are venomous, not poisonous), and that is the prairie rattlesnake.

One of the biggest myths about the rattlesnake is that it always rattles before striking.

In fact, most bites are silent, as rattlesnakes usually only rattle to alert people of their presence, as if to say, "I'm down here; don't step on me," since they blend into their surroundings so well.

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A rattlesnake blends in with brush and sage

Here Are 5 Tips To Avoiding Rattlesnakes This Summer

  1. Be Aware: One of the easiest ways to avoid rattlers is to pay attention to your surroundings. Look for holes, tall grass, or other places snakes could be hiding.
  2. Stay on the trail: Venturing off the trail means more places for snakes to hide. Trails mean a cleared path, and snakes typically stay away from open spaces.
  3. Appropriate Attire: Wearing the correct clothing, such as sturdy hiking boots and long pants, will reduce the chance of being bitten.
  4. Know Their Hiding Spaces: Under rocks, tall grass, and deep holes, these are places you will find rattlesnakes, so best not just shove your hand in them but also cross over them with caution.
  5. Remain calm: Should you encounter a rattler, keep calm while keeping your distance. Snakes can't jump, but they will lunge if threatened. Keeping quiet and slowly backing away should give the rattlesnake the ability to leave without feeling threatened.

While the prairie rattlesnake is our only venomous snake, check out the gallery below for other snakes you could encounter while enjoying the outdoors in Montana.

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Snakes Of Montana

Gallery Credit: Jason Laird,

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