Do You Know The 10 Largest Fish Caught In Montana?

It's a running joke that a fish gets bigger and heavier each time the story about the one that got away is told.

For some people in Montana, they don't have to tell any stories because they have proof they've caught the largest and heaviest fish in the state.

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A fisherman showing how big the fish that got away was

Montana Is A Great Place To Fish

My best fishing story is from when I was 8; I started the day and instantly got a bird nest in the reel. My neighbor, who took me fishing, cut the line and told me to reel it in by hand.

As I did, I told him, "I think there is a fish on my line because it's hard to pull in." He laughed and said that was impossible.

Sure enough, I had a walleye on my line, and he still tells that story to friends and neighbors years later.

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A walleye being held up over the side of the boat

Who Has Caught The Largest Fish In Montana?

When it comes to the biggest and largest fish ever caught in Montana, well, there are a few records.

With so many different species of fish to catch in Montana, the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department has listed the record holder for each type of fish.

So in the gallery below, we'll show the 10 biggest fish by weight, along with their length, when and where they caught them, and by whom.

Here Are The Top 10 Largest Fish Caught In Montana

See the 10 largest fish caught in Montana by their weight.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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SEE Fish Native To Great Falls Montana

Fish Native To Great Falls Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren