The Daylight Savings time change is  coming up November 6th at 2 am, just a little over three weeks away.  Since we are in the fall season, you will change your clocks back one hour, essentially gaining one extra hour of sleep on Saturday night (or Sunday morning).

I thought Congress  abolished Daylight Savings!

According to Sleep Foundation:

 Per the Senate's bill, permanent daylight saving time would take effect on Nov. 5, 2023, if the legislation passes the House and receives the president's signature. May 24, 2022, UPDATE: Two months since the U.S. Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act, the U.S. House has yet to start discussion on it
When will the House of Representatives tackle the issue?  At this point it will be well into the new legislative session in 2023.  With inflation, immigration, rampant drug issues and many higher priority topics, daylight savings is fairly low on the minds of our congressmen.
One of the original concepts behind daylight savings time was to make better use of  summer daylight.  I know many people that like the fact that there is still 5 plus hours of daylight left when they get off of work in the summer. There are some states that are considering legislation to make the time change void and seven states have legislation on the books already.  Those states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington. I have other friends  that really dislike the clock change twice a year.
My question is, if Daylight Savings is cancelled, who is going to come over and reprogram my VCR twice year? Now that the factory setting has it on the correct days, it will be off again!
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